Revised April 2019

Get Google Guaranteed

Google has created a new classification for small businesses. The Google Guarantee is reserved for select industries and locations and offers Google merchants the opportunity to show up first on page 1 to 3 of search results

The purpose of the Google Guarantee status gives the Google searcher immediate trust in your business. The Guarantee means that if one of your customers is dissatisfied with work quality, Google will cover claims up to the job invoice amount. 

After your submit your basic company information, We'll report directly to the Google Guarantee department to verify your business and eligibility. 

Within three (3) hours or less we'll have a dinfitive yes or no for you along with next steps.

Should your business meet Google's requirements and receive the Google Guaranteed status, there will be a one-time processing fee of $39.00. 

Your business will then receive the Google Guaranteed Badge and have the opportunity to automatically be placed on top of Google Ads on Pages 1 to 3. Google searchers will find trust in your brand and know you are backed and guaranteed by Google. 

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